Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am too embarrassed for you to see my closet?

I can’t tell you how many people have told me this over the years! I think this might be the biggest hang up for people. I have been doing this since 2009 and enjoy getting into a closet that isn’t perfect. Your closet not being organized or full of fancy clothes on matching hangers has nothing to do with you not being a smart, normal, happy person. You’d be surprised what we can tackle together during a session. I bring a lot of energy and expertise to the table and leave the judgment at the door.

I am worried that you will tell other people about our session or me?

Your confidentiality is extremely important to me. I think of our session like a doctor/patient relationship. It is a privilege for me to be hired by you and trusted in your closet. I won’t do anything to violate this privilege. The majority of my business is referral based, which hopefully demonstrates this isn’t an issue. I wouldn’t want to jeopardize my relationship with you or other clients. I also work with many people who know me personally, but keep our relationship professional.

How much should I budget for a session?

It depends on the session, but let me give you some ranges. I bill by the hour, but sessions can be anywhere from $75-$450. For example offer a pre-shopping session where I have charged $50-$100 to find multiple items you need in your closet and have on hold for you at a store or links to items online. On average, an initial session will run $200-$300. This is normally a longer session for us to accomplish many things in your closet.

What if I am not at my ideal weight?

Unless you are planning on doing extreme weight loss, then I can still help you! Isn’t it better to start to feel confident and put together with the body you are in at this time? Clients have told me over the years that they feel inspired and energized after a session. These are qualities that help you get to the body/look that you want. Looking put together doesn’t come in a certain size. Many of the principles I will teach you about what is flattering or what to avoid will still apply, even when you loose 5, 10, 15 lbs.


Do you organize closets or help me with fashion?

I will help you with both. Part of getting dressed effortlessly and using many of the items in your closet, means you need less stuff or to be more organized. We work on this during an initial edit session. I take you clothes to donation and consignment shops for you, so your closet gets a little lighter. Sometimes, cleaning out items that are repetitive, don’t fit right, don’t flatter, out of style, or just don’t work with other items in your closet leaves room for your closet to be more organized. We also can help define the space better when you really know what you have and need. I have referred people to closet design companies after working with them and they know exactly how they want the space laid out because they know what they own fits, flatters and lines up with their style.

What if I don’t look like you or your style? 

I always tell people that I know what works for me and my job is to help you do that for you! My goal is to hone in on your style and help you feel more confidants, not make you a version of me! Your profile helps me to identify your style goals, colors you like, and what makes you feel comfortable. Some people are cold all the time and need layers; others like to wear a lot of black. My objective to use this information to help create the best looks for you when getting dressed.

Can I get a gift certificate?

Yes, I sell gift certificates for any amount starting at $50 and up.  It is a great gift to give to someone.  Someone would love to have some fresh looks put together for them, have a shopping list of some new ideas of what might be missing from their closet, and help tackling their closet when they feel overwhelmed.  It is a gift that keeps on giving!

Where do you donate items?

I work with several organizations including:

  • Hope Scarves
  • BesideU
  • Family Scholar House
  • Dress for Success
  • St. John’s United Methodist
  • Goodwill

How many sessions will it take?

The first wardrobe audit will be the longest, 3-4 hours.  If you would like help with outfits, then I’d suggest about 2 hours.  I can find things shopping for you in 2 hours or less.  Normally, existing clients have me back when the seasons change, plan outfits for upcoming events, or to quickly edit and clear some things out.

Do you only work with women?

I have also helped out husbands and children of clients.

Do you represent a certain brand?

No.  I need to meet your needs, style and budget. I can’t do they while trying to see you a line of jewelry or clothing.  I can refer you to someone for a certain line that I think you may like.

Do you work in other areas of the home?

Yes, I have helped clients with basements and closets that are overflowing with stuff from your home.  I have helped people come up with a plan to move things around and create more space.

What is your availability?

I start taking clients while my kids are in school 8-3, but also work on the weekends.  Weeknights are a bit difficult, but can plan ahead accordingly, when needed.

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