Success Stories

“Melissa came in and not only helped me literally de-clutter, but also organized my stuff in such a way, that it was easily accessible and functional.  She took things I already had and made them into neat storage spaces that looked great! I would have never thought about some of the creative ideas she gave me and it was so simple for her.  She left and I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.  It’s so satisfying to know that dirty little secret is gone!  No more “shoving things away.”  It’s like a breath of fresh air! She just took care of everything.  She was helpful and comforting in the entire process.  She even left me a check list of things we discussed and things to do to move forward. She was amazing and it was time well-spent!  I’ve already hired her back!”

– Anonymous

“As a person who came home from miserable shopping experiences with clothes that were not particularly flattering, I owe Melissa with my complete clothing transformation.  She helped me sort through my closet and determine which items weren’t perfect for my shape and my desired style.  She showed me how to pair existing items together in ways that I hadn’t previously envisioned.  She took pictures to remind me of all the stylish options I currently had and didn’t even know it!  She really opened my eyes to a new me and made me feel like a new woman in a matter of hours!  My husband asked why I needed someone else to help me with my style (& closet)… but after Melissa helped me sort through my clothes he saw a different, happier me, and asked when Melissa was coming back!  Melissa has made me a happier and more confident mom, wife, co-worker, and woman! Thanks Melissa!”

– Lana

“Melissa was great at putting together outfits from items in my closet. Many items that I had I never dreamed of putting together. She used my accessories in different ways and taught me how to wrap scarves to get an updated look. In addition to getting the outfits together she helped me WEED through my closet. I took a over 30 items to a consignment store and made over $250. I haven’t missed one item! I credit Melissa for having a keen eye for fashion. She is honest and respectful when expressing that something isn’t right or doesn’t look good. I appreciated her honesty.”

– Tara

“Off to Target? Lunch with the girls? Meeting at school? Company dinner with hubby? I’ve got the perfect outfit waiting for me in my closet thanks to Melissa’s closet and wardrobe consultation service.”

– Ann

“Melissa helped me find my style and look. I have always been resistant to making an effort with fashion, feeling maybe it was just not “me”. After years of have effort and poor purchases—it is a great relief to feel pulled together. I even feel more fit rather than hiding me body. All of my friends are delighted with my changes and it has been fun to get complements rather than blending into the background.

The purging of the closet experience was…amazing. She was supportive and so knowledgeable. When then revived my things with a shopping experience…wonderful and so fun! Now as I launch into my day — I can quickly pull together a look that I enjoy. I feel more feminine and confident. Melissa is talented with fashion and has a warm supportive personality, perfect combination for a consultant. I would recommend her to all of my friends!”

– Kathleen

“I was lost! Losing weight should have been a happy time, but I was miserable because my closet was a mess. Melissa’s help was like THERAPY! She systematically and gently, helped me weed out all the old, ill-fitting and out-of-date clothes and helped me identify the items of quality I could take to consignment and to donation centers. But the best part of the experience was how she helped me put together outfits and accessorize with what I had and helped me make a shopping list of the basics that would help me fill out my wardrobe. Now, I can confidently shop (a dreaded task before) for items that flatter me and help refine my style, which I didn’t even know I had! – Such a wonderful experience, better than a day at the spa!”

– Christy

“I have a closet full of clothes and used to put on 5 outfits before walking out the door, and still not look good. Since I met with Melissa, I get dressed in five minutes and get compliments all the time! It is like a light switch went off. Now I get it!”

– Sarah

“I struggle with making decisions when it comes to my wardrobe. I had Melissa come help me organize my closet. I love the fact that she took the time to get background information from me. She came prepared with a plan, helped keep me focused on the task at hand, and put together combinations that I would have never thought of. I now feel confident stepping out in fashions that reflect my personality!”

– Sheila

“Thank you for a fun experience. I learned a lot about style and also have a more organized closet. It was great!”

– Nikki

“Melissa’s skill in putting together a great look for women of any age is fantastic. In just a couple of hours, she helped me see that putting new life into my wardrobe didn’t have to be the time-daunting task I feared. And, her enthusiasm is contagious! The combination of her spark and her suggestions have energized me to become more proactive about my wardrobe than I’ve been in a long time.”

– Lynn

“Melissa was extremely helpful with pulling my wardrobe together and honestly telling me what was working for me, new ideas and what I should avoid for my body type and preferences. Melissa also listed additional items for me to purchase and even offered to go shopping with me to purchase those items. Since our initial meeting she has been in contact with me about ideas she has had for me and shopping tips. She is extremely energetic, enthusiastic, tasteful and current. I look forward to hiring her each time!”

– Terry

“Melissa’s services really helped give my wardrobe a facelift.  She found 5 or 6 new outfits by just mixing and matching things I already had in my closet! We got rid of anything that was worn out or not flattering and she made a shopping list for me, so I would know exactly what to buy when I go shopping. It was fabulous!”

– Andrea

“Melissa is a pleasure to work with.  I was really in a rut and she came over and helped me cull my closet and make the most of my clothes.  She really keeps the image that I want to project in mind, and helped me look better.  She does all this in a gentle and efficient manner!”

– Jenny

“I love Melissa’s help. I always want to go to events but then dread them because I didn’t have the time to plan an outfit or way overspent to get ready in a hurry. Now, I just tell Melissa what I have going on and a budget and she takes care of the rest. I now like the clothes I am wearing!”

– Anonymous

“I just wanted to thank you, again, for opening my eyes for ways to look and feel better. It’s been fun, actually, to pull things together.  Every day I find myself looking at clothes, shoes, etc in different ways. I now feel pulled together!”

– Paula

“The best $200 I have spent in a long time!”

– Sally

“Thanks Melissa! Truly amazing. Its like I went on a shopping spree and didn’t even leave the house.”

– Kendra

“Melissa has a great talent for style! She helped me to have confidence in choosing outfits out of clothing that I already own, and taught me how to add new items into my wardrobe. If you want to look great but don’t have the time or inclination to shop, I highly recommend the pre-shopping service. The time I saved was worth every penny.”

– Allison

“Thank you! Thank you! My closet works so much better! Everything fits and know it works with other items in my closet!”

– Susan

“Thanks Melissa for making my fashion life all come together and for making this mother of 7 enjoy getting dressed again! I was so tired of staring in my closet and not finding any combinations I liked. With your suggestions, I purchased a few more basics to mix and match with what I had and I have a new wardrobe now!! I can run into a store and pick just the right thing to make my wardrobe work! Adding in some inexpensive jewelry pieces have earned me untold new compliments!! You just have a way about you!”

– Rebecca

“Thank you, Melissa, for all your wonderful wardrobe help! I am so glad I have connected with you. I greatly value your advise and think you do an amazing job. I never knew I needed a clothes therapist, but so glad I have one now.”

– Ashley

“Thank you for helping to “edit” my closet. I used to walk into a closet full of clothes and feel like I had nothing to wear. Even though I actually have less in my closet now, I feel like I have more to wear. You helped me learn what compliments my body type so that I feel confident in everything I wear. It’s so much easier to put together outfits than before. I also appreciated your list of suggested items to round out my wardrobe. You have really helped make getting dressed for the day much quicker and more enjoyable. I would refer you to anyone!”

– Kimberly

“Melissa truly helped bring back the fun in my closet. She organized my closet (clothing, shoes, accessories), gave suggestions on what I was missing and took all of my outdated, ill-fitting clothes to consignment for me. Now, when it is time to get dressed for the day or for a night out, I’m excited to open my closet and find an outift that makes me feel confident.”

– Emilie

“The time and money spent utilizing Melissa’s many services is well worth it! She has a keen sense of fashion and is easy to work with! Her efficiency and creativity are invaluable-whether she is delving in to your current wardrobe, shopping to find the perfect attire, or packing you for a getaway. I trust Melissa’s expertise and can highly recommend her for all your fashion needs!”

– Cara

“A few weeks ago I felt the old familiar dread of packing for spring break. I then remembered that Melissa had designed and photographed a number of spring/summer outfits with accessories. I found the pictures and in about 20 minutes had my clothes organized for the trip. I now realize how much her designers eye and organization helps me throughout the year. Each season I have pictures to remind me of how to put cute outfits together with my own clothes. Besides feeling better about how I’m dressed, I have saved money!”

– Anonymous

“I cannot stress enough how uplifting Melissa is in my life. Through many seasons of life like my career transitions, pregnancy and post-pregnancy, special events, travel, hosting occasions in my home, business dinners, fund raisers, board meetings and speaking engagements, Melissa has consulted, coached, cleaned out and spruced up my wardrobe so that I’m not only appropriately dressed, but confidently dressed. She uses her gifts to make all who work with her look good and feel good, and be our personal best. I’m a better me with Melissa in my life… and in my closet!”

– Anonymous

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