Services Offered

I offer a wide variety of services that may help you get better control over your closet and sense of style including:

Wardrobe Audit Session

During this fashion evaluation, you’ll discover truths that help you dress with confidence every day. We will purge the unnecessary from the season at hand based on your body type, and will make recommendations on how to reorganize your wardrobe essentials so you can simplify your daily dressing routines. This appointment includes a body type assessment {4 simple measurements to determine your shape} along with a customized shopping list including tips for your body type, your wardrobe essentials checklist, and additional trends and style tips. We will sort items that need to be altered, donated, or consigned and organize what’s left. I take all items with me for donation and consignment when I leave!

Wardrobe Audit Package: 3 hour session – $225.00

I was lost! Losing weight should have been a happy time, but I was miserable because my closet was a mess. Melissa’s help was like THERAPY! She systematically and gently, helped me weed out all the old, ill-fitting and out-of-date clothes and helped me identify the items of quality I could take to consignment and to donation centers. But the best part of the experience was how she helped me put together outfits and accessorize with what I had and helped me make a shopping list of the basics that would help me fill out my wardrobe. Now, I can confidently shop (a dreaded task before) for items that flatter me and help refine my style, which I didn’t even know I had! – Such a wonderful experience, better than a day at the spa!


It’s likely that you own more stuff than you need or can easily manage-most people do! A cluttered living space is a universal stress trigger, where as pairing down can be a form of self-care, freeing you from distraction and noise.  I’d like to help you thin, organize and maintain your possessions in a way that serves you better.

Editing your stuff is simply the process of deciding what to keep and let go. This series of small decisions stacks up to create big, fat transformative results. We pick a single area or space to edit and finish it completely before moving onto the next.  This will allow you to keep your home in tack and livable throughout the editing process.

I want you to feel empowered, not daunted about tackling it.  I’ll help you break up the job into manageable chunks.  We will look at what your goals are with the space and keep in mind as we work through the process.  Having clearly defined goals is a great motivator and will help sustain your forward momentum. Having another person helping you with this process gives you some push to make decisions and move forward, along with providing positive emotional support and energy.  Think of it like a  personal trainer!  You work a little harder and more efficiently with them there. I take the items to donation and/or consignment too!

Think about what getting organized would mean for your life – what do you want to create space for? How does your clutter make you feel? Are the items that have built up adding value to your daily life? Would you buy it again for full price today? Do you feel stuck? Do you need to downsize? Decluttering can help!

Decluttering services starting at $75.00

Melissa came in and not only helped me literally de-clutter, but also organized my stuff in such a way, that it was easily accessible and functional.  She took things I already had and made them into neat storage spaces that looked great! I would have never thought about some of the creative ideas she gave me and it was so simple for her.  She left and I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.  It’s so satisfying to know that dirty little secret is gone!  No more “shoving things away.”  It’s like a breath of fresh air! She just took care of everything.  She was helpful and comforting in the entire process.  She even left me a check list of things we discussed and things to do to move forward. She was amazing and it was time well-spent!  I’ve already hired her back!

Outfit Session

A 2-3 hour session where we will create fresh, new ensembles with your existing wardrobe and new pieces from your shopping list. I will take photos, so you can have your own fashion flash cards with your outfit choices on them. We finish the looks off with accessories and shoes. You will see your closet in a whole new light! This session also aims to help me see where the gaps are in your wardrobe and what pieces can be added to impact your closet.

Outfit Package: 2 hour session – $120.00

I have a closet full of clothes and used to put on 5 outfits before walking out the door, and still not look good.  Since I met with Melissa, I get dressed in five minutes and get compliments all the time!  It is like a light switch went off.  Now I get it!

Personal Shopping Session

A 2-4 hour session where I will meet you and we’ll go out shopping! I will have your shopping list and direct you on a highly efficient shopping trip where I will pull things for you to try on and help with the fit and determining if the items will work with what exists in your wardrobe already. It is a fun trip that is organized and highly effective!

Personal Shopping Package: 3 hour session – $180.00

Melissa helped me find my style and look.  I have always been resistant to making an effort with fashion, feeling maybe it was just not “me”.  After years of have effort and poor purchases—it is a great relief to feel pulled together.  I even feel more fit rather than hiding me body.  All of my friends are delighted with my changes and it has been fun to get complements rather than blending into the background. The purging of the closet experience was… amazing.  She was supportive and so knowledgeable.  When then revived my things with a shopping experience…wonderful and so fun!  Now as I launch into my day—I can quickly pull together a look that I enjoy.  I feel more feminine and confident.  Melissa is talented with fashion and has a warm supportive personality, perfect combination for a consultant.  I would recommend her to all of my friends!

Pre-Shopping Session

During this 1-2 hours session, I will take your shopping list and pull items in your size at stores for you. All you have to do is go to the store where everything will be waiting for you to try on. This saves you time and money while getting my help at the same time!

Pre-Shopping Package: 1 hour session – $75.00

Melissa has a great talent for style!  She helped me to have confidence in choosing outfits out of clothing that I already own, and taught me how to add new items into my wardrobe.  If you want to look great but don’t have the time or inclination to shop, I highly recommend the pre-shopping service.  The time I saved was worth every penny.

Special Event Dressing

Don’t spend too much time on the things you don’t love doing because you are in a rush and need something for an event! During this session, I will help you lay out a plan and help you find the right items for your special event. Together, we can take a look at the upcoming events on your calendar and schedule a session to create complete looks for each event. You will love having everything planned out and how the planning will save you time and money.

Special Event Dressing: 2 hour session – $150.00

Melissa has helped me save so much time and money. I had an event  and she found 3 dresses that worked and were within my budget. They were ready for me to try on and I went and picked the dress in 30 minutes! She then reminded me of accessories that I already had that would work with the dress. I loved the dress, will be able to wear it again, and loved that I didn’t overspend!

Vacation/Business Trip Packing

Do you have a trip that you need to plan multiple outfits for and aren’t able to take your whole closet? During a packing session, I will help you put together outfits and take pictures for reference while pulling pieces aside. This session will help you know exactly what you’ll need for your trip and will help prevent you from over packing. Less stress and more outfit choices? What more could a girl want?

Vacation/Business Trip Packing Package: 1.5 hour session – $90.00

A few weeks ago I felt the old familiar dread of packing for spring break.  I then remembered that Melissa had designed and photographed a number of spring/summer outfits with accessories.  I found the pictures and in about 20 minutes had my clothes organized for the trip.  I now realize how much her designers eye and organization helps me throughout the year.  Each season I have pictures to remind me of how to put cute outfits together with my own clothes.  Besides feeling better about how I’m dressed, I have saved money!

Speaking Engagements

When not working with clients in their homes or shopping at stores, I am honored to lead workshops, give inspirational talks, and present at conferences and events on fashion and style topics.

For in-person or virtual speaking engagements or custom group events, please reach out.

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